• >Why do you tease those that love?

  • jas Says

    >Hi – it's probably been mentioned elsewhere but UK's BikeRadar has the following :Felt 2010 – Cranking it up a few notchesAny news when these may be available in the UK ? Or are they available in the US already – I travel there every few months.Thanks!Jas

  • >2010 is right around the corner and in fact some models are already in stock. EuroBike opens up next week which is the first formal preview and the new 2010 Felt website goes live next Tues…

  • triab Says

    >I'm very interested in the 2010 Virtue, but i have a few questions about it.1) Why is the rear derailleur cable mounted on top of the chainstay where it will undoubtedly be slapped silly by the chain? Is there now chainstay (and now cable) protector included? Even with a pad, the chain will still hit the cable housing to some extent. Why not just mount it underneath like "normal"?2) The frame-only price is sort of crazy to me. At $1999, you can buy the frame only, or for $2499 you can get the exact same frame as part of the COMPLETE Virtue 2! So for a difference of $500 you can build the ENTIRE bike?Looking forward to seeing these at the LBS, and to your comments!

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