Felt Road Bikes. Born in Competition.

23 years ago Felt started by building a single racing bicycle. We have raced every day since. Today, that competitive legacy continues to drive, inspire and engineer the most advanced performance line of road bikes in the world. Available in a wide range of advanced materials, Felt road bikes have won on all of racing’s greatest stages including Grand Tours, World Championships and the Olympic Games. We believe racing pushes design envelops like no other, and the technology and pedigree that is Felt’s heritage can be found in all of our road offerings. You don’t have to race to own a Felt, but isn’t it nice to know so many others did? 

AR Series

The 2014 AR Series is all new. It ranks fastest overall in its category and 35% faster than the previous AR. The AR frame tips the scales at 900 grams and 40% stiffer than 2013.


What people are saying /

"Super fast and perfectly equipped: The AR frame stands its position against well known rivals and still is one of the best aerodynamic models on the market."

Tour magazine 

F Series

Designed to be one of the stiffest, responsive, and lightest race bike available, with geometry fine tuned for the racer. The F Series has earned multiple stage wins in the grand tours


What people are saying /

"It’s light and lively over broken road surfaces, but stiff and stable enough to handle the stresses when you throw down the power."

Bike Radar - 2013

Z Series

The Z Series is Felt’s most versatile bike. The geometry is optimized for comfort without sacrificing efficiency or speed. The sloping top tube, increased standover height along, and longer wheelbase gives the Z Series a comfortable, yet responsive feel


What people are saying /

"...built to race specifications, but its relaxed geometry delivers the forgiving characteristics of a do-anything, go-anywhere bike."

cyclepresse - March 2013

ZW Series

The ZW Series’ geometry is designed for the woman rider, with a carbon layup specifically tailored for the ZW Series. The components chosen are also specifically chosen for the female cyclist.


What people are saying /

"This stiff bike makes for quick acceleration and razor-sharp handling."

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