Trail 27.5" | Decree

Through a wide spectrum of riding conditions, the Decree shines on climbs, descents and challenging terrain. After meticulous refinement of every design detail and a refusal to be constrained by deadlines, Felt engineers created a full-suspension frame design that features an unrivaled stiffness-to-weight ratio, Felt Active Stay Technology (FAST), component integration like never before, and state-of-the-art carbon fiber technology.

Trail HT 27.5"+ | Surplus 

Wider tires equal increased traction, greater stability and more fun. That’s what Felt's 27.5+ mountain bikes are all about. Each bike in the Surplus line is built around a rugged 6061 aluminum frame for durability and equipped with a unique selection of components to enhance the 27.5+ platform, all in the name of giving you a new trail-riding experience that will put a huge smile on your face.

Trail 29" | Virtue

The Virtue is an exceptional trail bike, which, thanks to 29” wheels, rolls over anything in its path and is ready to pull you up to the next peak. This 140mm front/130mm rear travel machine utilizes Felt’s Equilink suspension technology, allowing you to translate pedal power into pure speed with the utmost efficiency.