Tara Llanes Classic

This past weekend marked the 5th year of the Tara Llanes Classic- A benefit race for professional mountain biker Tara Llanes- at Northstar-at-Tahoe Resort in Truckee, CA. Felt Engineer Nathan Wright and Mountain Bike Marketing man Eddie McDonald attended the event to show support for the fight against spinal-cord injury, as well as showcase  the new 2012 Edict LTD, Virtue LTD, and the Nine Team model bikes. Luckily for both Nathan and Eddie, there was also an Industry Cup race over the course of the weekend, so they both got to race on the world-class terrain that Northstar has to offer.

Day one was the XC race, and the first stage of the Industry cup. Eddie would be handling the first stage for Team Felt, and raced the technical course on his Virtue. Tahoe-local and Felt athlete Mario Gallardo was also in attendance on day one and managed to squeak out a 3rd place in the stacked men’s pro XC field. Not bad for day one!

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Day 2 was home to the main event, the MEGA DH, which was a 10 minute long downhill race. Nathan Wright, being the intense bike handler he is, chose to race this leg of the Industry Cup aboard his sample 2012 Compulsion. The bike ate the technical course up, but sadly Nathan would succumb to a technical in his race run, ruining his hopes for the “big W.” Luckily though, Team Felt managed to qualify for the final stage of the Industry Cup, and were allowed to compete in Stage 3’s Relay race.

Check out Day 2’s recap video below:

Tara Llanes Classic Day 2 Recap on


Sadly, the competetion in the Industry Cup was a bit tough for the worn-out Team Felt to best, so they had to settle for 3rd in the first Tara Llanes Classic Indutry Cup. Next year will be different though, as the cup is simply to important to allow it to slip from Felt’s grasp again…


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