>Being away all day with Will

>With the 2008 Tour de France in full swing, the Felt-riding Garmin/Chipotle-H3O boys are already making a big impact on things. Stage 3 produced an epic ride – a breakaway from the gun by four brave souls including our own Will Frischkorn. Breaks like this are usually doomed to fail with the pack never letting the lead build to an insurmountable distance. But, for whatever reason – a slow responding or unorganized main group, more in the tank by the breakaway quartet than the other teams thought, changing road and weather conditions, or other – this break stuck. What is particularly interesting about Will’s ride was that he was the primary instigator and one of the real workhorses. And, oh yeah…he rode our new aerodynamically superior road bike – the AR. It was a perfect situation for this bike – a setting where every advantage was needed. Just a few hours after his ride, Will dropped a note to our road product manager, Super Dave, and said this:

“Talk about a perfect day for the AR! That thing is made for the breakaways and I got to take advantage today for sure. Sorry to be quick – pretty crazy here right now, but seriously, thank you guys for all the support of the team and some sick rigs… I don’t know why aerodynamics gets so much attention but is seemingly forgotten about on road bikes… A team on the front, or when guys are in breaks… Pretty damn important.”

Right on, Will. We are stoked to have been a part of such a huge day for you and the team!

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