2011 Iceman Cometh

The first weekend in November marked the 22nd Annual Iceman Cometh Point-to-point MTB Race in beautiful Traverse City, MI. Friday was the Icecycle Expo, while Saturday played host to the actual event. Team Kenda/Felt’s Amanda Carey, Colin Cares and Judy Freeman, as well as Mafia Racing’s Tristian Schouten were all hand to fight for the coveted title of Ice King/Queen. Tristian and Judy would be riding their Six LTDs, Amanda chose here Nine LTD, and Colin chose to ride his trusty Edict LTD. Check out some of the pictures below:


Our Booth in the Ice Cycle Expo

David Heim, The Ice Cycle “Expo Guy,” Plugging Team Kenda/Felts Autograph Session

Colin, Amanda, and Judy Signing Some Autographs and Chatting with Fans

After the Ice Cycle Expo, The Felt Van set up shop at the finish-line expo area in the Timber Ridge resort. Team Kenda/Felt were off to Kalkaska, MI, which was the host of the start of the 22nd Annual Iceman Race!

The Start Line Truss in Kalkaska, MI

Judy’s custom Six build, specific for Iceman

Amanda and Judy at the Start

Colin Right Before Call-ups

Colin Rocketing by at the Start of the Men’s Pro Race

Judy and Amanda Flying by in the Women’s Pro race

Mafia Racing’s Tristian Schouten rolling through the Finish

Colin’s Arrival into Timber Ridge

Amanda Riding the Wave of Cheers Into the Finish

Sometimes it’s Hard to Tell Judy just Raced 30miles; She’s Always Smiling!

 After all was said and done, Tristian Schouten finished 5th in the Men’s Pro Race, while Colin Cares rolled in a respectable 17th (after fighting all the way up from the back of the pack!).  Amanda, who was the Ice Queen in 2010, rolled across the line in 4th and Judy came in right behind her in 5th! Not a bad weekend at all for any of our Felt athletes! After the race, the expo and party at the Timber Ridge really kicked off, and the staff at the Felt Truck were stoked to show off some of the 2012 bikes, and hear some of the war stories from everybody’s day of racing! One thing is for sure, none of us, athletes or staff, can wait to go back to Iceman next year!

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