Bob – Rock Bassist/Felt Graphic Designer

Bob Thomson, a Senior Graphic Designer at Felt, works on the graphics for Felt road, TT/tri, and cyclocross bikes. He has designed bikes for professional cycling teams including custom work for Dave Zabriskie, David Millar and Bradley Wiggins. Occasionally after work, Bob will spend time shaping or painting his custom bass guitar – a hint at his not so distant past.

Bob slappin’ da bass big time
Prior to working at Felt, Bob was the bassist of Big Drill Car, a melodic hardcore band based out of Costa Mesa, CA. Although not necessarily a mainstream hit, Big Drill Car had a faithful following, and is recognized as a pioneer in its genre. One of Big Drill Car’s fans sat down with Bob for an interview. Here is a snippet, along with a link to the full interview:
“Bob Thomson is a Senior Graphic Designer at Felt Bicycles. He designs the graphics for all of Felt’s road bikes, TT bikes, as well as their cyclocross and fixed gear bikes. During his time at Felt, he has worked on team bikes for Garmin/Transitions as well as special one-off bikes for specific riders, and for special occasions like grand tours. Before his time at Felt, Bob played in a band called Big Drill Car…but perhaps his most important accomplishment is that he played a large role in me cutting my mullet off in 1991. Before we delve into the interview, allow me to explain.”Cycling Inquisition

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