Another Injury!

Felt employees have a long, long, long history of documenting their injuries (cycling related or otherwise) here on the Garage Door. Therefore, we welcome the newest member to the Felt injured team, Uwe, Felt’s International Marketing Manager.

Uwe went down on his commute from the office to his residence. His front wheel slid out, inducing a hard impact on the tarmac concentrated on his elbow. The damage: dislocation of the elbow, comminuted fracture of the olecranon, and complete ligament rupture.For those of you who don’t know medical jargon, Uwe’s doctor provided a much simplified characterization of the injury – “a total elbow disaster.” Ouch.

Two months, three specialists, four surgeries, five screws, two ligament pins, one prosthesis, and one infection later, Uwe is starting to feel better. X-rays:

Good luck Uwe!

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