Felt Demo Truck at Orchard Cross in New Hampshire

This weekend, the Felt Demo Truck stopped by Orchard Cross, the New Hampshire Cyclocross State Championships held at Applecrest Farm. The event was put on by NorEast Cycling, and sponsored by legendary LBS, Gus’ Bike Shop. Felt was there to give mechanical assistance to riders, let people demo our cyclocross lineup, and have a good time. Applecrest Farms insured the latter by providing live music, a petting zoo, apple cider donuts, and a gorgeous landscape on which to race. The former two tasks were left in the capable hands of Sean, one of our East Coast demo truck managers and a total bike nut.

Orchard Cross was probably one of the most well attended cycling events in New England this year, drawing around 450 racers, and about as many spectators. Below are some pictures from the event, enjoy!


The Felt booth was busy all day.

A very well attended event.

Costume races are becoming more and more popular in cyclocross (especially those events that occur near Halloween). Here is someone dressed up as an Avatar character and riding a Felt Breed – way to color coordinate!

Sean seen here tacking one of the barriers.

Sean again on his F75X.

Keep your eyes out for a later post – local TV station WMUR mounted a camera to Sean’s bike for the race, and is going to put up a video story of the race. We will post it here when it becomes available.

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