Felt Flashback : Taxi

The brain child of our long time art director (and auto enthusiast) Brett King, the Taxi cruiser became an iconic piece of Felt’s cruiser history. Taking cues from the iconic taxis of New York City, our Taxi cruiser gave our European customers a taste of the Big Apple. To drive the Taxi theme home our own Brian Wilson (Product Development manager extraordinair) came up with the following prose …

Big city dreams are what you may see

It’s the hustle and bustle of NYC

Excitement and freedom are what some feel

A laugh or confession behind the wheel.

Take it to work or take it to dine

This cab’s on duty come rain or shine.


Thanks for joining us for this installment of the Felt Flashback! Till next time…


  • Dave Adams Says

    I own one of these stunning (taxi) cruisers yet never see many photos of them online. However, I love the fact that they are quite limited and fantastic to ride!! I live in the UK and very few people have seen a ‘cruiser’ cycle, so coupled with the unique NYC Taxi theme it’s a real “head-turner”.

    It was great to read a little about the background of the bike on Felt Flashback.

    For the incredible quality, stunning design, superb ride comfort and joy this bicycle brings to me and those that see it, thank-you Brett King and Felt Cycles!!

  • Andy Such Says

    As I recover from my full knee replacement surgery I can’t ride my road bike until I get more flex in the leg. The Taxi Cruiser looks like just what the doctor ordered for a fun ride and needed exercise. Where can I get one. My local dealer in Dewitt, MI didn’t have an answer. So how about it, are they available? and if so can anyone tell me where and how? Thanks, and keep making great bikes. I’m going to get a felt cruiser to help with my recovery, it’s just getting the right retro model.

  • Leonard Says

    Which is the price of this gorgeus ?

  • Andrea Clay Says

    Hi there–We love the Felt cruiser bikes! Over the years our family has purchased several of them. We purchased a Yellow Taxi bicycle for one of our son’s birthdays about 5 years ago, and he has loved it. One of our other sons took it out and did not lock it up and now it is missing. You can only imagine the crisis this has created in our home. Can you please tell me a location near Dallas, Texas where he could purchase another one to replace the missing one of his brother. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Also– we need an approximate price for this–as he is already hard at work earning the funds to pay for the replacement.

  • I want to take a ride on this gorgeous Bike..Can i get every details where i can gt this??

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