In The Shop : With Jim Felt

When Jim Felt isn’t at trade shows, events, or down at the wind tunnel he’s in his countryside workshop. Much like the R&D shop here in Irvine, Jim’s workshop is fully outfitted with all the machinery needed to take a design from concept to completion. One room houses the mill, lathe, and ban saw. This is where the fine detail work happens.

Outside in the common area are  various metal benders, an oven, kiln, and a powder coating station. Many of the machines pictured have been with Jim since he set up his shop here on his Auburn estate 18 years ago.

While most of the machinery in Jim’s workshop is designated for bike use only, there is one piece that over the years has pulled double duty. Although the Blodgett oven has heat treated it’s fair share of aluminum it has also helped prepare many a thanksgiving bird. This summer it will bake a weddings worth of potatoes for  Jim’s son’s wedding.



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