Pro XCT #2 Bonelli Park

The best part about the switch from winter to spring is not the chirping birds, blooming flowers, or warmer weather. Instead, the best part of spring is the beginning of mountain bike racing. We made the trip out to San Dimas, CA to support Team Kenda/Felt at round two of the PRO XCT. Once the booth was set up, it was time to watch the men’s and women’s elite racers get wild on course. Kenda/Felt had Sage Wildermann in the Women’s pro field, while the men’s elite field had Andy Scultz, Colin Cares, and Drew Edsall representing the team. Along with Kenda/Felt, Team SDG Was on hand taking on the US Cup in Cat 1. Check the photos from the weekend below:







Overall, racing went quite well for Kenda/Felt. Sage Wilderman was the first athlete on course, and she rode extremely well, landing just inside the top-ten with her ninth place finish. Drew Edsall had a great start in the men’s elite race, but had a bit of bad luck with a race-ending mechanical. He managed to channel his frustration toward the Super D, and landed on the podium in third place! Revenge never tasted so sweet. Andy Schultz rode extremely well in Saturday’s XC , landing himself in 21st position. Andy was also quite the workhorse in Sunday’s Short track, pulling the pro field around the course for half the race. To say Colin Cares had a good weekend would be a gross understatement. With a bit of a botched start, Colin managed to ride his way to second place within a half of a lap, where he and the leader battled the entire race. His lead over third was quite impressive when he ended the race in second. He followed up XC’s performance with another second in Saturday evening’s Super D. The Double Duece.

SDG had a solid weekend as well, with Team Member and Felt Engineer Anton Petrov winning his age group in Category 1 19-26.

Not a bad way for Felt to spend a weekend: Crushing races.

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