More Love from Our Friends in Hollywood

Training for and competing in triathlon is undoubtedly one of the hardest things a person can put their body through. A triathlete’s will to train and compete must be higher than that of almost any other athlete, as the physical and mental stress of racing triathlon is immense. The only people on this planet with a will to succeed larger than that of a triathlete have to be the contestants of the show Hell’s Kitchen. Head Chef Gordon Ramsay puts the contestants through a tremendous amount of pressure, and anyone who can’t hack it is quickly weeded out of the competition. One thing is for sure, Mr. Ramsay knows what he likes, and he is not afraid to point out what he doesn’t like to anyone.

We’re pretty sure being the Head Chef on Hell’s Kitchen is no walk in the park, and know for a fact Mr. Ramsay had to bust his ass to get himself where he is. We recently found out from one of our dealers (Triathlon Lab in Los Angeles) that the same head-down mentality Gordon Ramsay applied to his cooking/tv career is being applied to his hobby of triathlon. Here is a picture of him with his brand-new DA4:


All we can say is, have fun Gordon. With how good you are at crushing spirits on television, we sure wouldn’t want to compete against you in a triathlon, especially with a bike as fast as the DA!


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