Cycle Chic Sundays

Cycling doesn’t always have to involve spandex or baggies. Around here, we have graphic designer Eva Lewington to remind us of this fact.

Eva, the stylish voice behind the Evoluer blog, loves to observe and share her visions of fashionable cycling. Or is it cycling fashionistas? Point is, she’s got style! And it turns out a whole bunch of her friends do too.

Eva’s latest project is Cycle Chic Sundays. And if you saw a group of stylish ladies riding around Costa Mesa, California, last weekend, you were witnessing the first ever Cycle Chic Sunday — which just happened to be a smashing success.

Below are just a few pics from the Sunday’s ride. For more information just check out Eva’s blog. Better yet, go to the Cycle Chic Sundays Facebook page and join in the fun!

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