Cool New Stuff- 2013 Edict Nine

It’s no secret that we’ve been keeping secrets for the past year or two. Luckily, though, we were able to lift the curtain a couple of weeks ago, and like an edition of the National Enquirer, all our secrets are now public:

We had our first launch at the Sea Otter Classic (which you can see coverage of here), where media and public alike were ecstactic to see our new fully-suspended, 100mm rear travel, Edict nine.  Team Kenda Felt riders Colin Cares and Drew Edsall were both so impressed with how well  their Edict Nine LTD’s pedaled that they both chose to race them in  the Elite XC and Short Track events throughout the weekend. The combination of 29″ wheels and full suspension proved to be quite beneficial on the fast, rutted courses at Laguna Seca, as both riders came back to the booth happy they had a little bit of forgivness on those unexpected square-edged hits. Colin piloted his to a powerful 10th place finish in the Short Track with many of the best in the business finishing behind him; a solid result for the Edict Nine’s first race ever!

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, Felt Europe launched their Edict Nine at the Ötztaler Mountain Bike Festival in Haiming, Austria. With a techincal, muddy course, Team Felt Ötztal Xbionic rider Charly Markt  knew the Edict Nine would be the perfect weapon. Post race, Charly was kind enough to give us an interview, where he confirmed that the Edict Nine is his bike of choice for the upcoming Olympic Games.

With the proven FAST suspesion technology, and the benefits of a 29″ wheel, the Edict Nine is the fastest bike on any trail or race course. With five different models available, there is an Edict Nine at every price level. Now is the time to gain the edge you’ve been looking for!

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  • Vinosh Singh Says

    Hi i am the proud owner of 2013 felt edict 9 ltd and I’m in the process of doing a detail mentenance on the bike . Can you please share the info on the torque setting for the frame

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