F5 Makes a Splash in Consumer Digest

As a bike company, it’s not unusual for us to see our bikes in the media. Usually, though, this is bicycle-specific media, so seeing Felts in non-bicycle specific media is always special. Just a few days ago, Mr. Bill Duehring, our company president, recieved a letter from Consumers Digest’s Publisher, Randy Weber, proclaiming that we were voted “Best Buy”  in their August 2012 issue:

“Dear Mr. Duehring:


                  “Your Company has earned it. On behalf of Consumers Digest Magazine, I am pleased to present you with the enclosed “Best Buy” certificate. Each product inscribed on it has been recognized by the editors in the current issue as having exceptional value in today’s highly competetive marketplace.

                 “On average, a Consumers Digest best Buy rating is awarded to fewer than three percent of the competing models in any given product category.

                  “This achievement holds the promise that your company will continue to research and develop products that satisfy the growing needs of enlightened consumers well into the future. I hope you find the enclosed complimentary copy interesting as awell as useful both professionally and personally. Once again, congratulations.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Randy Weber


It feels good to know that the principles this company was founded on are directly translating to the world. Our mission is to design, develop and deliver the best bikes in the world, at the best pricing. Period.  Thanks go out to all the readers of Consumer Digest and Mr. Weber for this tremendous award. If we can promise one thing, it is that we will defineitely continue to build and deliver bikes that not only we find cool, but also ones that the consumers want to ride!



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