Felt Bicycles Demos at End of Season Iceman Event.

Felt Bicycles, Irvine, California

Felt supported the Bell’s Beer Iceman Mountain Bike Challenge in Kalkaska, Northern Michigan with their demo truck and pro riders.

Felt Bicycles’ took the Felt expo rig to the Bell’s Beer Iceman Cometh Mountain Bike Challenge in Northern Michigan with Mountain Bike Marketing man Eddie McDonald and Mike Prohaska, Felt Bicycles’ East Coast Technical Rep. In addition to supporting Felt riders from all over the U.S. participating in Iceman they supported Team Kenda-Felt riders Colin Cares of Boulder, Colorado and Florida Felt rider Drew Esdall.

Bell’s Beer Iceman is the largest single day mountain bike event in the world with over 7,500 spectators and more competitors than any other event. The unique point-to-point event covers 29 miles from Kalkaska, Michigan to the resort town of Traverse City. In addition to the party atmosphere the event is known for its wintery Northern Michigan weather that includes freezing temperatures and snow.

Riders line up in one of the many wave starts at Bell’s Beer Iceman.

Felt ‘s Eddie McDonald and Mike Prohaska were busy at the Felt Expo booth. “We demo ‘ed our updated Nine Hardtail. People were very excited about the updates, and everyone who demoed one was stoked! We also showed off the new Edict Nine One and Compulsion LT1. Basically, all three of our either all new or redesigned MTB platforms for 2013.”

Felt’s role at Iceman showcased new bikes and reinforced the commitment to cross country racing. “Iceman is a great race for many reasons. First, it is the largest single day MTB race in the US. It is also the last major race on the national calendar, so everyone there is ready to let loose.”

The Iceman event signals the end of the Midwest race season and combines serious racing with serious fun. “People from all around the Midwest descend on Traverse City to attend this race each year, regardless of how serious they are about cycling. Much like the Pros, these people are there to have fun, on and off the course!” said Felt’s McDonald.

Kenda-Felt riders Colin Cares and Drew Esdall in the Pro wave start at Iceman.

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