Bozzone On Top Again in Australia at Shepparton 70.3.

Felt Bicycles, Irvine, California. United States.



Felt athlete Terenzo Bozzone used a scything bike split capped by strong running  to win Campbell’s Ironman 70.3 in Shepparton, Victoria, in southern Australia on Sunday, November 18. Bozzone continued excellent form and owned the race with a wide 5-minute margin over 2nd place Joseph Lampe of Australia, 5:01 behind.


Bozzone’s ride on his Felt DA was the fastest bike split on  the new, mostly  flat, two-lap bike course that describes a large square in Shepparton about 100 miles north of Melbourne, Australia.


This winds down a rollicking season for the sensational Bozzone with only one race remaining, a charity relay event benefiting Life Education at the Taupo, New Zealand Half on December 8th.  Bozzone will also be married later this year.


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