This Week’s Instagram Top-Twelve


@mryan092 @elkironman @xonial @hurdyg27
@thejimmyryan @kieranblair @glubbeco @cdarbee
@joshleybrah @davidtaylor87 @nfskate @cherepuga


Today everyone is connected thanks to the digital age (you can decide if it’s a good or a bad thing) and constant sharing is part of daily routine. We’d like to say in this case it’s a great thing, because at Felt, we’re always excited to see what our loyal supporters are doing with the bikes we produce. We share with you via our blog, website and other channels, and many of you are kind enough to share with us as well. We’d like to thank those who already are, and for those of you who wish to share your Felt experiences on Instagram, simply tag photos with #whatdrivesyou or #feltbicycles. Our favorites from each week will be featured here on the blog and who knows, maybe you’ll gain a few fellow felt followers too! (say that last bit four times fast) To keep an eye on us and get an inside peek at the Felt HQ, follow us on Instagram!

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