Behind the scenes: On Set with the Felt Crew

Before the first cup of coffee was finished, Felt’s marketing team was on location in Malibu, CA to snag photos of some new product. The cast featured the fierce but elegant Z-Series bicycles and a troupe of spirited cyclists. As they hammered up and down the Topanga Canyon roads, we shot stills of camaraderie any cyclist can relate to. Behind each print ad is a story and this story’s highlights: high fives, friendly-racing, instagramming, gnarly stunts and plenty of laughter. We even broke through onto a movie scene! (But we’re not allowed to talk about that)

Peep some ‘behind the scenes footage’ from the Z-series photo shoot!

IMG_6733 IMG_6713 IMG_6705


Next time you’re flipping through Bicycling Magazine and see a Z-series ad, recall ‘the making of’—though a typical day ‘at the office’, a far cry from ‘a boring day at the office’.

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