Lauren Tamayo’s Team ExergyTWENTY16 Felt DA


Lauren Tamayo’s ExergyTWENTY16 team Felt DA was being built up in our shop at Felt headquarters in Irvine last week. Tamayo, a 29-year old pro from the United States and London Olympic silver medalist in the Team Pursuit, rides a SRAM Red equipped DA frameset with a Zipp aero cockpit. From the front of Lauren’s Felt DA:


Tamayo’s cockpit is traditionally configured for a pro cyclist with relatively narrow elbow pad placement and ski bend aero extensions. The Zipp Vuka carbon fiber extensions and Zipp VukaBull base bars have a grippy, molded-in surface application that eliminates the need for handlebar tape. Tamayo shifts with standard SRAM TT900 carbon fiber 10-speed shift levers. Brake levers on her cockpit are SRAM 900TT carbon brake levers with return springs for a snappy feel. A notable detail is the bundling of the rear brake and derailleur cables as they exit the cockpit, and nice touch and acknowledgement of how much aerodynamic drag cables generate at speed.


Tamayo stops with a standard SRAM Red AeroLink mechanical front caliper. As with all bikes built by a pro team mechanic the cable lengths are just long enough to get a grip on the clamped inner wire for adjustments.


Two details we spotted at the front of Lauren’s bike are the just barely long enough extended presta valves and the alloy (not carbon fiber) quick release skewers. Team Mechanic Adrian Hedderman told us the team likes to run the shortest valve stems possible to maintain the best rim aerodynamics but concedes airing the tires to full pressure can be a two person job; one person to hold the pump head on the valve at the rim while the other person pumps up the tire.


The drivetrain is a beautifully configured SRAM Red kit turned by Speedplay pedals and using SRAM’s one-piece, lightweight 10-speed cogset. The 1:1 pull ration of SRAM components paired with the unique one-piece cogset produce responsive shifts from the aero extensions. A team-specific addition to the ExergyTWENTY16 bikes is the front derailleur mounted K-Edge chain catcher. This 6061 aluminum, U.S. made chain watcher replaces a similar SRAM engineered device and appears on the ExergyTWENTY16 bikes because of team co-manager and London Olympic gold TT medalist Kristin Armstrong’s association with K-Edge and also the effectiveness of the device.


Tamayo sits on the UCI rule inspired short length Fizik Ares time trial saddle. This saddle measures only 25cm in length, 2 cm shorter than most full-length road saddles. The shorter saddle length allows Tamayo to remain in compliance with UCI Regulations 1.3.011 to 1.3.021 that define the dimensions of a competitive bicycle.


The rear brake is a Felt proprietary design with relatively straight-pull cable routing from the down tube and very easy set-up, adjustment and quick release use. Unlike some under bottom bracket mount aero brake designs the Felt DA rear brake has significant stopping power and feels responsive at the brake lever.


Tamayo’s bike was set up at Felt Headquarters with a Zipp 900 tubular rear wheel and Zipp 808 Firecrest front tubular. Both wheels roll on Zipp Tangente tubular tires made to Zipp specifications by hand in the Vittoria factory.

The attention to detail that went into the component selection and build of Lauren Tamayo’s ExergyTWENTY16 team Felt DA is a great case study for recreational triathletes and time trial riders on how to do a truly pro build on their Felt DA. The entire set-up shows attention to detail and meticulous handiwork on Felt’s DA platform.

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