Felt Profile: Dave Koesel – Product Manager & Roadie

“We’re going to build the best bikes possible. This has me sticking around. As long as we continue to have that drive and attract the level of talent we have here.”

This is how Project Manager Dave Koesel describes Felt Bicycles. The Michigan native was one of the original employees of Felt Bicycles, starting with the upstart bike brand in 2005. Dave came into the sport of cycling during college, but his love of tinkering with a bike and all things mechanical started much earlier growing up in Monroe.

“I would pedal my old bike during the off-season of cross-country (high school). Cycling wasn’t my thing – it was running.”

Once he left home for college, Dave started mountain biking to commute and discovered he could ride anywhere and it turned into his endurance “fix” as he was no longer running.

However, while still in college he, along with some partners, opened a bike shop in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It was there that Dave became more deeply involved in the bike business and started to stand out in sales eventually becoming a sales rep.

After building up his territories as an independent rep, Koesel was offered a position in 2005 at Felt as their Western Regional Sales Manager, relocating him to California. Dave’s extensive knowledge of cycling as both an accomplished amateur racer and as someone who knew the nuts and bolts of the industry was recognized. Soon his position at Felt changed to that of Product Development.

While Dave’s racing days are more limited it doesn’t mean he isn’t still competitive. He’s often going through the online training log site looking to beat other rider’s personal records.

“I’ll go through the segment search on Strava and find ones that suit me, five-minute segments with 1% to 3% gradients, and I try to take their KOM.”

The Felt lunch rides also get quite spirited and it’s known that you’d better bring your “A” game for this hour long ride. While during the lunch ride no quarter is given or taken, by the time the group rolls into the Felt parking lot the tone has shifted.

“It has built some camaraderie among the different departments. When you ride with someone it’s like you’re breaking bread with them.”

As one of the original Felt employees, as well as being in the cycling industry for most of his adult life, Super Dave is still very passionate about the sport.

“You couldn’t do this job very long unless you loved cycling so much,” said Dave.

“When I first started we were an unknown triathlon brand. Now we can say we’ve won world championships, Olympics, national championships, and built some of the most aerodynamic bikes in the industry. That comes from the same drive. Regardless of size or resources we’re going to build the best bikes possible.”


  • I have admittedly caught the road bike bug later in life and am waiting for my local dealer to bring in a Felt Z in my size. I’ve got to ride this bike prior to making a decision on what I like best. I hadn’t known that Felt was a full line brand until I started looking for a road bike. I’ve been a mechanic all my life, built several cars and trucks, I really appreciate the Felt hands on approach. I just have to ride one to know if it has soul…

  • Martin Says

    Will the F1 return for the 2015 model year?? By the way I am a Texas State Trooper who stopped one of your vehicles towing your product/advertising trailer in Dallas last year. I own a 2005 F1C and had owned a 2005 1/2 F3C limited which I allowed one of our helicopter pilots use back in 2012 to experiment with and to see if he would enjoy road. Needless to say, 2 years later, I still hadn’t gotten it back!!(It’s all good!!)He tells me that he always get compliments on it. I was blessed at one time to be able to afford 2 very nice bikes (pre-divorce) so I didn’t have issue giving him my F3C limited but hopefully one day I can get back to owning 2 very nice road bikes from you guys. Thanks for the great product guys. If you all are ever in the Dallas area please feel free to contact me. I’d love to meet the people behind the product….take care.

  • Jim Gardner Says

    Super Dave, super talented, super nice guy and he comes by it honestly. That was a great article in the Monroe Evening News about your father leading local group rides, keeping people active and showing them how much fun bike riding can be. Kudos to the whole family.

  • Bill Ford Says

    Hi Dave – I am in the UK. A late comer to cycling. A couple of years ago I purchased an F75. I love it but is a bit too stiff for my ageing body!
    I am very interested in buying a Z4 but all 2014 ones seem to have been sold. It appealed due to a more compliant frame, Ultegra groupset with a 32 at the back (I’m old).
    Can you advise what the spec of the 2015 will be and when they will become available.


  • Glen Sansoucie Says


    I’m the one on Strava looking for the specs on the F1 PR.

    You have my email address now.

    Off to ride my Z5…

  • Liam de Paor Says

    SD – If you had to choose one bike for road, gravel/dirt roads and just general tooling around with the kids in tow, would you go with the P1 PR or F1X? I love the geometry specs on the F1 PR. Would the F1X be a decent road bike with different wheels/tires? I have some routes near me that I can ride on asphlat for then hit some gravel roads on the way back for a 50-60 mile loop. Looking for a good alround bike. I currently have a 2008 F2 frame (size 58) that I built up myself (bought the frame on ebay) and love it, but can’t get tires bigger than 25 mm on it.



  • SuperDave Says

    I own both! Honestly I do most of my riding on the F1 PR but the F1x is more capable in terms of the terrain challenges. When I want to go fast I use the aero advantage of the AR. The F1 PR and F1x get road duty but generally to connect off-road segments.

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