Davin Uurtamo started in cycling when he was just seven-years old. His stepfather bought a very large pile of bicycle parts at a police auction, and handed him a wrench. Davin reassembled the dilapidated bikes and sold them, splitting the profits with his stepfather. From there he was hooked on bikes.

Davin attended Arizona State University, graduating with a degree in liberal studies with an emphasis on technical and creative writing. While he was able to flex his writing muscle after graduation he followed his passion for cycling, making it a career.

Before becoming Felt’s bike mechanic almost three years ago, Davin was a mechanic working for Jeff “Fish” Rowe, focused on advanced suspension work as well as a mountain bike tour guide in Phoenix, Arizona. This job tasked him with the maintaining a fleet of over 40 bikes. Throughout his adulthood Davin has almost always had a job in the bike industry, making him a perfect fit at Felt.

“I’ve been living the dream as a bike mechanic for some time now. Felt has been very good to me!”

Other than being the mechanic/ jack of all trades at Felt, Davin spends his spare time coaching the Diamond Bar high school mountain bike team. The Diamond Bar Brahmas are part of the NICA, the National Interscholastic Cycling Association, a conference with over 50 Southern Californian high school teams racing the five month season of four to five races. This year there was a middle school pilot program started to assess the pros and cons of incorporating grades six, seven and eight into the SoCal racing program. The NICA league teaches kids important life lessons such as self esteem building, healthy habits, self reliance, and cycling as a lifelong sport.

There are 17 students on the Brahmas mountain bike team, three of them young women, ranging from freshman to seniors. With cycling gaining interest at a university level, one of the high school riders has a scholarship interest from a college.

With a full-time job, what motivates Davin to use his spare time coaching?

“My drive to coach comes from riding with my son and daughter.” says Davin. “However, it’s really cool to coach mountain biking skills to the high school kids and see them grow and succeed. I remember crashing so much when I first started mountain biking so helping any of them not crash is good. Some of our students have never even ridden a bike before so it can be quite a learning curve.”

Head coach Yoshi Yoshimoto, along with Coach Davin, conduct training drills with the students twice a week and once on the weekend. A typical training session is the coaches conducting time trials with their results analyzed. The basic mountain biking techniques are not ignored and the riders start off with “tons of skill sessions and endurance rides of about 20 to 25 miles.”

The mechanic at Felt, as well as a licensed NICA coach for the Diamond Bar high school Brahmas mountain biking team, it’s obvious Davin is passionate about cycling.

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