2015 Felt Electric line launched

Felt Bicycles is pleased to formally announce our expanding 2015 electric bike line, Felt Electric. The Felt Electric bike line launch for the US includes three mountain bike models and one lifestyle model. The new addition to the already existing Felt European electric bike line is the Lebowsk-e and Dual-e.


The Lebowsk-e, Felt’s fat tire electric bike, won “Best in Show” by Outside Magazine at Interbike. This rugged bike can ride in almost any terrain and will be available in three sizes – small, medium and large. The Dual-e is a full-suspension 29” mountain bike, capable of handling even the roughest trails. The Dual-e is offered in small, medium, large, and extra large.


Felt’s European line-up will continue to offer the popular Verza-e, QX-e and Nine-e models. The Verza-e is offered in a traditional or step-through frame design and is ideal for commuting or running errands. The Verza-e is available in four sizes. The QX-e comes in both a traditional and step-through model and is the perfect city or urban-use bike. It is available in five men’s and two women’s sizes. The Nine-e is a genuine 29” hardtail. Available in four sizes – small, medium, large and extra large, this mountain bike is designed for getting dirty on the trails, but also suitable for dodging potholes on your morning commute.

Felt is entering the US electric bike market with the already mentioned Lebowsk-e, Dual-e, and Nine-e models, in addition to a lifestyle model – the Sport-e.

Felt’s Sport-e is designed in both a traditional and a step-through model. This all purpose electric bike is perfect for commuting and running errands, and is available in five men’s and two women’s sizes.

All Felt Electric bikes are proprietary designs and fully equipped with Bosch’s mid-drive motor and battery pack, which can assist up to 20mph/32kph.

With the rising popularity of e-bikes throughout Europe, and with soaring gas prices and people wanting to be more active, the Felt Electric bike series is the perfect transportation or exercise alternative.

“Felt Bicycles has been selling Bosch powered e-bikes for the past three years in Europe,” explains Felt Bicycles President Bill Duehring. “We jumped at the chance to expand the mountain bike-specific segment for 2015. We feel Bosch’s reputation and quality products make them the perfect partner for Felt Bicycles and we are very excited to grow this lineup for 2015 model year.”

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  • Dave Eades Says

    While not ready for an electric bike myself I do like the idea and look forward to seeing it develop in the coming years. I think this will be the next really big development in the bike industry. I look forward to seeing the electronic systems being increasingly integrated into bicycle design and becoming much less of an after thought add on eye sore. I’d really like to see some retro vintage designs that conceal the electric drive in shrouds that look like engines gas tanks and body work for the urban life style line. On performance bikes the system should be increasingly integrated into conventional looking performance frames. There’s lots of room in the aero tubes of a tri or time trial frame for an electric assist system that could sustain motorcycle speeds and a work out for both long distance commuting, riding and as a new class of perfomance bicycle motorcycle hybrid.

  • I am thrilled that I’ll be taking possession of a 2015 Felt SPORTe this weekend. I will be using it for a 10.5 mile each way commute in Austin, Texas. At 61, I miss biking and with a little help from my Bosch motor, I will be able to return to this most satisfying forms of exercise. This will also allow me to use shortcuts to escape Downtown Austin at rush hour. Getting out after work in a car, it takes you 20 minutes to get two miles from work. Now I will be able to be several miles down the road on my bike, in that same 20 mites.

    I can’t wait to get it.

    • Catherine I Says

      I bought my Sport E last year. I LOVE it. I usually commute on it to and from park and rides (for bus or train) but really look forward to Fridays, when I ride it all the way into and out of Seattle (about 25 miles round trip.)

  • Andrew Weinfeld Says

    My Felt Sport E is stuck in China(I thought they were made in Germany?)Anyhow I am patiently waiting to use on the Schuylkill Rails to Trails in Pa! Been riding a Trek Fx 7.7 the last 200 rides!

  • Andrew Weinfeld Says

    Can one add an extra stack to the front stem on a Felt Sport E ??

  • Esta es mi pregunta.en las fac bikes .la horquilla lleba 6 tornillos a media altura.¿para que son?

  • Andrew Weinfeld Says

    I love my 2015 Felt Sport e !!! I have used it on trail rides as well as on the road! The only addition I would make and would like to know if I could add a riser to the handle bars??

  • Electric bicycles manufactured by Felt electric are available in five models: LEBOWSKe, DUALe, NINe, SPORTe e SPORTe Step Thru. These models have excellent performance with the Bosch eDrive, which makes driving easier. Do you like electric bikes?

  • Phillip Lawson Says

    I think that your restricting the ebike only to dealers willing to meet your stocking requirements is not smart marketing. I expect this bike to become very popular if more dealers can stock one or two model require a reasonable expenditure rather that wanting them to commit to a 20 to 30 thousand inventory. If the bikes can be seen and then custome ordered I believe you will sell many more ebikes.

  • Phillip Lawson Says

    at present no person can see or become interested in the bike since only one store in minneapolis seem to have one for display. That shop is also a very small store not visited by many people. Put a bike in each FELT dealership an info on the various model and you will sell more bikes.

  • Andrew Weinfeld Says

    Is it possible to upgrade the Bosch Gen 2 system/controller(I have a 2015 Felt Sport E)to go beyond the 20 MPH limit? The only complaint about ONE amazing bike The Felt Sport E !!!!

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