>Alan Foster update – 4/14

>Alan wife’s sent this update Monday night after his surgery:

Hi everybody,

Sorry for taking so long on the update. The hospital does not have a strong enough wireless signal that we can pick up and We cannot use the phone in the ICU/CCU.

His surgery took 6 hours to be completed, he is still moving his limbs (which is good), but he looks rougher than he did yesterday. Tonight he was very tired and swollen.

The recovery process will be a lot more challenging than we thought. He will have two braces, one on his neck and one on his back 24/7 until the Dr. tells him he is done with them (it could take anywhere between 6 weeks to one year). He will have routine visits to the Dr.’s office until his vertebrae are fused.

We do not know yet when he is coming home, tomorrow he will probably leave the ICU if all goes well. I will keep you updated on visitation possibilities after he leaves the ICU.

Thank you for all your wonderful words and actions of support, positive thought and prayers.

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