Behind the Scenes: On Location for “Double Dare” Video Shoot

In late January 2015, Felt Videographer and Editor Corey Seip traveled to Switzerland to meet up with BMX & Dirt Jump rider Gregor Laucht in the village of Braunwald. Their goal of the multi-day adventure was to complete a daring and challenging bike test while shooting the Felt DD fat bike video “Double Dare.”

Braunwald, located in one of the snowiest region of the Swiss Alps, has just over 300 residents. In the summer, it is premier mountain bike territory and in the winter months, it transforms into a snow sport paradise. Without any cars in the village, the landscape lends itself to a perfect outdoor playground.


The village of Braunwald is only accessible via tram and the locals use ATV to move supplies around town.

Gregor Laucht

Gregor–who traveled to Switzerland from Germany–spends most of his time on BMX and dirt jump bikes but had no problem pushing a fat bike to the limits. Gregor was riding the DD30, which features an ultra responsive aluminum frame with a custom hydroform fork. Shimano 20-speed XT shifters, Deore disc breaks and 26 x 4” tires on 8mm drilled out rims make this an incredibly capable and fun bike.

Gregor on top of snow plow jump

Gregor surveyed the generous jump options including one of the resort’s snow plows. His years of experience on BMX equipped him with the improvisation skills needed to maximize conditions, creating his own jumps out of Braunwald’s snow equipment, ski trails and resort roofs.

Corey Quote


After hours of shooting on the mountain, the final video captures the amazing capabilities and fun that come from riding the DD fat bike. Check out the video now on Vimeo



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