13 Questions with Everett Lee

Meet Everett Lee. As Senior Designer, Everett uses his passion for creativity to develop bikes with a unique and captivating look that Felt is so well known for. With a background in design for multiple cycling platforms from SixSixOne to Marzocchi, Everett uses his experience and imagination to develop what we see as the best looking bikes in the industry.

How did you arrive at Felt?
Was looking into getting out of San Diego, and found a job posting through Malakye in regards to a graphics position for Felt Bicycles. Sent my book to Doug Martin and Brett King, and the rest is history.

Can you explain what you do in 50 words or less?
I can explain it in three: Paint and Graphics.


What bike design are you most proud of?
Nine carbon series.

I understand you’re a big Raiders fan. Explain yourself:
Growing up in Los Angeles in the 80’s, it was impossible not to be a Raiders fan. They were the hottest team during that era, and the Raiders had this FU attitude that was a major draw for me. They’ve laid a major egg in the last 13 years, but it’s my team and I can never jump ship. They’ll become relevant soon. Trust.

If you had to listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Vauxhall and I by Morrissey.

If you weren¹t designing bikes, what would you be doing?
Designing skateboard graphics.

What’s the one thing you can’t live without?
Mexican food.

Where do you look for inspiration?

Which bike line do you have the most fun designing?
The York.

How do you spend your down time?
I love reading during my down time.

Coffee or Tea?

Paved or Dirt?

Advice for success?
Hard work.


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