Southridge Series #5

This past weekend marked the end of the 2011 Southridge winter series, and what a series it was! The adventure began around seven-ish Saturday morning here at Felt HQ. The team for the weekend consisted of two Felt Engineers, Nick Ducharme and Brendan Connors, and Felt’s MTB Marketing man, Eddie McDonald.

The weather was awesome! The morning was a bit chilly, but as the fog burned off, the mercury rose. Nick and Brendan were quick to get registered and warm up for the Expert XC race, while Eddie set up the Felt booth.

Eddie holding down the Felt Fort

Nick and Brendan putting their game faces on at the beginning of the race

Nick had a great race, continuing his podium domination with a win in the 27-34 Expert age category aboard his Edict, while Brendan faced a rough dismount in the descent of his first lap. Suffering from a bum ankle and a bruised ego, Brendan pulled out of the competition and returned to the booth. Though each engineer was on opposite ends of the spectrum as far as results, both had a great time.

Nick in the position he held the entire race. Way to go little buddy!

After winning the XC, Nick pushed up the hill with Eddie to race Super D. Nick, being a Southridge veteran, put together another fast run on his Virtue, which was good enough for second place. Eddie was a first-time Southridge Super D racer, and had a few issues before the race started; mainly in the call ups. His name was not on the registered riders list. But, without issue, Eddie was placed at the back of the line to ride as the course sweeper. After passing and being sworn at by a bunch of younger racers, Eddie was just happy the race was over. With the day’s great results, Nick found himself as the overall series winner for the Expert 27-34 XC as well as the Expert Super D. Not too shabby!

Nick on top!

Overall, the day was pretty awesome, and we can’t wait for the Fontana City National on the 26th, 27th and 28th of March!

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