>Alan’s back

>Figured you’d all like to know Alan is back. To every one’s surprise he walked through the door at Felt on Monday – turtle shell and all – and worked all day. It was awesome. He was tired of sitting around and no doubt felt the need to come in to check on Felt’s BMX category. And, to have lunch at Chipotle with the boys.

30 seconds after walking in we got to see what it all boiled down to – 304.8mm of cut-and-sew underneath which is plenty of screw, glue, pin and hardware holding together the T-section of his spine. Besides how he is going to get through airport security in the future the last unknown is how long he will have to stay with the protective shell, but it now looks like a lot closer to six weeks vs. six months. So much for the contortionist career, but ask him if he feels like the luckiest man on earth and we are sure he will tell you, yes.

Welcome back, brother.


  • >Oh man.. Glad he is up and around, that looks awful. I hope he makes his goal of being back on the bike in 6 months.

  • Edward Says

    >Alan -Glad to see your going to be allright! I have always had a great appreciation for some riders who take BMX to a whole different level. You yourself being a hybrid rider. Meaning….. you could also race at a competitive level and jump with the best of them! Take care my friend and get back to what you do! Regards, Eddy King

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