US Pro XCT #1: Bonelli Park – Day 1

After packing on Friday, Felt employees Eddie McDonald, Nathan Wright, and Nick Ducharme gathered early Saturday morning for the short drive to San Dimas for the US Pro XCT #1.  The mission was simple: support the Kenda-Felt and Felt-SDG race teams as well as show off our awesome MTB line!

A shot of the Felt booth early Saturday morning, before the athletes and spectators had arrived at Bonelli

With bikes like the Edict Pro and the Nine LTD, plenty of people stopped and chatted with Eddie, Nathan, Nick or any one of the numerous athletes inhabiting the tent, looking for info about Felt’s 2011 line-up with a catalog, and many people were rewarded for their interest in the bikes with T-shirts. Nothing makes an employee of Felt happier then hearing how good the bikes look.

Team SDG’s Edicts, and Nathan W’s prototype Compulsion LTD

The first race to go off in the morning was the Women’s XC. Kenda-Felt’s Amanda Carey and Judy Freeman were set to take on the race, and that’s exactly what they did! Judy crushed the technical course and the competition, flying up the climbs on her Six and finishing in 6th place. Amanda had a bit of a rough start to the race, fighting some cramps during her warm-up but with her strong determination and the big wheels on her Nine, she managed to fight to 8th! Two top-ten results! Both ladies were pumped on their results, especially this early in the season! The men’s race started an hour after the women’s, with Kenda-Felt’s Andy Schultz and Colin Cares and Felt-SDG’s Jason Siegle taking on the Pro race. With a large and strong pro field, all three riders did really well on the technical course, making passes and managing to remain in the race through its entirety. All the riders were happy to have their first race under their belts.

Judy Freeman coming around for a lap on her Felt Six

Amanda Carey on her way to an eighth place finish

Felt-SDG’s Jason Siegle right before race time

Colin Cares stretches while reflecting on the race with Andy Schultz

Day 2: To be continued…

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