10K Photo Contest Winners!

Last week the Felt Facebook page hit the 10K fan mark. In celebration of such a great milestone we held a Felt fan photo contest. With free reign to exercise their creativity our fans submitted over 100 photos. From race to recreation , alongside country roads and even a few boudoir shots , the following photos came out on top …

Lifestyle : Ryan Nelson

MTB :  Eric Weidman

TT/TRI  : [ There is a tie! ] Best Point of View goes to Heather Marie

Best in Show goes to Peter DeMos

Road : Josiah Lightle

Honorable mentions go out to

Glenn Bo , Paavo Pietila , Robert Ferenhout , Tony Basile and John Mooney

Photo contest winners – be sure to keep an eye on those mailboxes for some fresh Felt swag!!! A big thank you to everyone else who entered! Stay tuned for more Felt fan love here on Felt Garage Door…

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