>Sidelined with the Commander

>Actually, he’s not sidelined at all. OK, so the Commander (aka: Jim Felt) separated his shoulder the day before heading back into the wind tunnel earlier this week. Did it slow anything down? Not a bit. With yet another important chapter to be written in Felt”s ongoing commitment to making the best and fastest bicycles in the world, and with precious tunnel-time on the line, the Commander made the trip to San Diego in his sling. The testing went great – really great – and soon enough we will be able to infuse even more more new technology into our pro racing program(s) and from there, straight into the Felt family of products. In the meantime, how did Jim clip his wing?

Suffice to say, picture a bat – the flying mammal variety – ripping around the inside of your living room late one night, followed by you grabbing the nearest stick-type thing in an attempt to whack it. From there, you had to get up on a piece of furniture so you could have a shot at reaching the little critter, but not without jumping and swinging like Andy Roddick might first-serve. Then pretend you miss and get all catty-whompus while up in the air. And, pretend you’ve already had more shoulder separations than there are eggs in a carton. You get the picture. Good thing Mrs. Felt was right there to clear off the table, lay our company namesake down and pop his shoulder back in, like so many times before. No. 1 son JT took care of the bat.

You think its easy designing bikes this good?

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