The 2011 Sea Otter Classic!

Sea Otter 2011 has come and gone, and again, the event went off without a hitch! If you’ve been there in the last three years, you know exactly what we’re talking about: The weather was awesome! Here at Felt, we really do believe that good weather at Sea Otter makes the rest of the event better. As usual for Sea Otter, Felt had some big news (read below) in the way of the debut of our new ‘cross bike, but we were also the home of many of our elite cycling teams and athletes. Along with supporting our athletes we were also quite eager to talk to everyone and anyone about our products. In addition, we brought Nines, Edicts, and Virtues for consumer demo.

Blue Skies!

Our big news over the weekend was the debut of our carbon ‘cross bike, the F2X, and the debut of Ryan Trebon as a Felt athlete. Ryan raced the short track and cross country at the otter, and was really excited to see the production model of the carbon ‘cross bike in person. For anyone that doesn’t know, Ryan Trebon is pretty darn good at racing ‘cross, and he is really excited to race on a carbon Felt!

Ryan Checking Out the F2X .

Along with Ryan Trebon making his debut,  Team Kenda-Felt was also present representing our MTB line. All four members of the team were enjoying the warm weather in Monterey, and kicking some butt on the race course. Amanda Carey had here best Sea Otter finish to date, finishing tenth! Way to go Amanda!

Amanda, Post XC.

On the road side of things, Team Peanut Butter/Twenty12  and Team Exergy were making some serious noise in the stage race. Kristin Armstrong of Peanut Butter/Twenty12 destroyed the women’s stage race with a three stage wins and the overall victory.  Andreas Diaz of Team Exergy finished 2nd overall in the mens stage race.  Exergy’s Matt Cooke and Carlos Alzate captured the Mountains and Sprint Classification respectively! Not a bad weekend for our skinny tire racers!

We were also represented on the grvity scene; Felt Athlete Casey Coffman took on the Sea Otter Downhill. He had an alright race run, keeping himself right-side up, and finished with a respectable time of 2:27 on the fast Sea Otter track. Casey was riding a Felt Compulsion, putting it through a series of strength tests as he flew down the course at Laguna Seca.

Over all, It was an excellent weekend (but really, when is bike racing not excellent?). Everyone who demo’d a bike was excited, our new ‘cross bike was a huge hit, and our athletes raced their hearts out. Not much more we here at Felt could ask for, and we can’t wait for next year!

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