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If you’ve kept your eyes on our Facebook or Twitter pages, you probably would have seen that we have one of our Demo Vans and Trailer set up here at the Fat Tire Festival in Fruita, CO.  The event is in its sixteenth year, and it is a great time. We will have a full blog report about the event in the next few days (it ended today! hope you got to come check us out!), but before that, we wanted to tell you about a man who chose Felt. His name is Doug Bowers, and he has ridden his 09 Felt Virtue Three over 15,000 miles, towing a trailer and his entire life behind him. Doug rides to different parts of the country with all his belongings behind him and camps up in the mountains. Each day he leaves his camp and goes out to shred some trail. Its the ultimate mountain biking tour; His Virtue is his transportation and the purpose of his trip!  He rolled by our booth as we were setting up early on Thursday morning, so we checked his bike out as he told us a bit of his radical story. With a new pivot kit installed, Doug was ready to rip another couple thousand miles.  We could summarize his whole story for you, but we thought it would be cool to have Doug tell the world it in his own words. He was so pumped about getting the new pivot kit for his Virtue that he wrote his story down for us. We transcribed what he has written here to our blog; read it below and check some of the pictures!

Doug during our set-up.

“Just started my 27th month of living in the mtns on my mtn bike. I have met so many fantastic people, people that love the outdoors like I do. [To earn money as needed, I’ve] Worked for home owners, small businessess, resteraunts, construction contractors, and bike shops.

“I chose the Felt 2009 Virtue II because I felt it would be the best bike for traveling, taking it to work, store, etc, and of course mtn biking. I have 16 months months on my Felt with around 600 miles per month. It’s been awesome. And it wasn’t so expensive that I can lock it up just about anywhere with a good lock and feel ok about it.

“In my travels I also enjoy hiking, photgraphy, trail building, fishing, bike events, and cooking the best I can with what I have.

“One of my things I enjoy also is the single track rideway (not driveway) home to a desired tent site. O’ and how could I forget, living amongst the wildelife is really cool.

“This has been the best life I ever had. I have learned so much about myself and the old ways I used to think. Everyday I learn and grow into new ways of thinking

“My favorite sayings would be-down size to up size, slow down to get somewhere, and its not the destination, but the journey.

“Mtn biking has given me a new outlook on life. Has given me back my health. I turn 50 this year and hope to keep biking for many years to come.

“I would like to go to other states and even other countries. It seems there is no limit. I try to live in the day and the moment. If you’re thinking about a journey-I say go for it.”

Doug Bowers age 49 from Colorado Springs, CO

Along with his story, Doug gave us a card with some of the facts about his journey:

  • 42 tent sites, 42 Travel Days-1500 miles appx (It’s not about the miles!)
  • Back and forth to town, work, etc-2000 miles appx
  • over 70 favorite mtn bike rides-3500 miles appx
  • 6000 miles total give or take 1000
  • Winter in Arizona -Nov-Feb
  • Spring in Utah- March&April
  • Summer in Colorado-May-Sept
  • Fall in New Mexico-October

Hope you found this story as interesting as we did; its awesome to hear about people like Doug, and it was really awesome for us to hear that Doug chose Felt!

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