Ashland Super D!

This past weekend, a bunch of us singletrack-minded types here at Felt attended the Ashland Super D in beautiful Southern Oregon. Typically at this time of the year, Ashland is a very damp place. With the weather we have experienced in Southern Oregon this year, we were sort of hesitant to check the forecast for the coming weekend. Luckily, Felt suspension engineer and Team Felt/SDG athlete Nick Ducharme mustered up the courage to log onto, and was happy to report temperatures in the sixties and almost no chance of precipitation. Awesome!

The View of Mt. Shasta from the top of Mt. Ashland

Nathan’s Compulsion LTD, Eddie’s Virtue Expert, and the infamous Felt Van.

Felties Nick Ducharme, Nathan Wright, and Eddie McDonald packed the silver van with five demo bikes (three Edict Pros and two Virtue Comps), their personal bikes, and all the other supplies needed for an event in the mountains. With a twelve hour drive ahead of them, the OC based crew was excited to get up to Oregon, meet with the Pac-NW based demo driver Jonathan Garcia and Felt Athletes Jared Kessler and Casey Coffman.The weather in Ashland was just as forecasted-perfect. For those of you unfamiliar with the Ashland Super D, it is a race from the top of Mt. Ashland down into Lithia Park in the City of Ashland, OR. The trails are extremely fast and buffed out, leading to an incredible run all the way down the hill.  So basically, the weather forecast was identical to the trail conditions; perfect.  Average race times are usually just under forty minutes (well, except top pro time, which was thirty-three minutes and some change-wow!), and the hardest part of the weekend is keeping your practice runs to a minimum as to maintain some sort of energy for the race run.  Engineering’s Nathan W and Felt Athletes Casey and Jared chose to ride their Felt Compulsion LTD’s while MTB Marketing man Eddie McD rode a Virtue Expert and suspension-guru Nick D rode a production sample of the new Virtue Carbon. Quite the line-up of Felts training down the trails all weekend!

MTB Marketing Mascot Eddie McD at the top of the Climb

Nick D on his Carbon Virtue Sample

Race day was Saturday, and everyone racing was excited to put their practice to the test. Felt Engineers Nathan and Nick were able to learn the course quickly, and put up some solid times-Nick scored a 37:37 and Nathan a 39:15- Not bad for their first time at this race, and really not bad for their first time racing Pro in a Big Super D event!   Casey Coffman, who fell victim to a huge crash (pun intended?) in the days before the race, had some issues in his run, as he was still feeling groggy from the concussion he had just sustained (he’s already feeling better, and planning on taking it easy the next couple of days to heal up).  Jared Kessler managed to fight off his pre-race butterflies, and land a very respectable 14th place in the Pro class. Top finisher for Felt on the weekend! Lone expert class racer and MTB Marketing Guru Eddie McD lost his chain in his race run, and was nothing less of elated to walk his bike for half of the race course.

Start House Area


Jared in the Start House Above, and Rocketing Out Below.

Casey, Pre-Race

Casey in the Start House

Casey, Starting his Journey.

Nick D, Ready to Crush It

Nick D on the Attack

Nathan, Feeling Pumped for his Run

Nathan on his Way to Slay Some Trail on the Race Course

Overall, everyone was very upbeat with the weekend. The demo rig was abuzz all weekend, as Nick D and Nathan would constantly drop by and spit some knowledge on the nitty-gritty of the Felt MTB line, and everyone who was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Virtue Carbon was stoked! Next year is only going to get better, and everyone is pumped to come back and better their results!

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