Fast is fun whatever the terrain

Gravel riding is the new breed of cycling. Sure, riding drop bars on dirt isn’t a new thing. Many folks will rightfully point out that it’s been a way of life for many cyclists for as long as people have been on bikes. Vintage race pics show that the first epic races, including the Tour de France, began on gravel roads. But these days, gravel is its own specialty with experienced races and new riders entering the excitement. We love the focus on the gravel riding scene with more legs in the game and more minds opening up to the wonderful world of off-road adventure.

That’s why we created the Breed. It's a bike to chase the sunset across empty gravel roads. It's a rig to discover a new perspective along our local trails. And, it's your ticket to further expand the incredible freedom a bicycle can offer. So whether you’re just discovering a new way of riding or are a dyed-in-the-wool gravel grinding veteran the Breed is for you.