World champion speed

Mud, sand, snow, rocks, pain, grit, and glory. That’s cyclocross, and there’s no other type of racing like it. It’s a full-gas effort that demands seared lungs, aching legs, and absolute focus from the rider, as well as maximum power transfer, precise steering, and an impeccably tuned ride quality from the bike. The Fx is a purebred race machine, created specifically for the rigors of the cyclocross racecourse.

Its no-frills, purpose-built design was developed for one thing: speed. Incredibly lightweight, stiff in all the right places, and unbelievably agile, the Fx is a two-time winner of the cyclocross world championship in the ultra-competitive Elite Men’s division. If it can deliver back-to-back rainbow jerseys, just think what it can do for you. The top step of the podium awaits—Go and get it.

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