The Fastest Triathlon Bikes

Our triathlon range is built for speed freaks in the quest for marginal gains and optimal performance. Our bikes are precision-engineered and made for speed without compromise. With a focus on fit, aero, and ride quality, our triathlon line-up is for you. So whether you're gunning for a new personal best, chasing a Kona qualification, or aiming for World Championship glory, we're right there with you.

IA 2.0 Triathlon Race

Triathlon racing is brutal. You sweat. You suffer. The wind and heat racks your body. The competition is relentless. And, you push yourself to the limit. Sandwiched between a hard-core swim and a brutal run, the bike is where you'll make your move. Climb aboard your new race rig. The IA 2.0 will take you to PR's you never thought possible. Get on. Let's go.

IAx Triathlon Race

The new IAx offers a straightforward option for triathletes who are looking for speed as well as practicality. Inspired by the iconic IA, it matches its performance but differs in the frontal area with a simpler fork design, omitting the bolt-on aero nose cone seen on the IA and IA 2.0. A part for that, you get all the benefits of one of the most succesful triathlon bike ever build. Great deal, isn't it?

B Triathlon

The B is one of the most legendary badges in triathlon history. Our original triathlon and time-trial race bikes carried the "B" moniker and the platform has long reigned as a symbol of speed. With sleek lines and a no-nonsense set-up, the B keeps the emphasis on competition with a more conventional set-up than our IA series. Suitable for the seasoned racer. Perfect as a first "real" tri bike.