Road Bikes For Your Performance Needs

Road cycling comes in a variety of disciplines all of which stoke the fire for competition and performance with the Felt brand.  Our heritage is steeped in racing. It's where Felt Bicycles was born and where we thrive, pushing ourselves to the limit and dialing in the speed. That's why our road line-up boasts purpose-built models that will catapult you to the top of the podium, whether you're dominating a local crit, tackling the queen stage of a grand tour, or leaving your weekend riding group in the dust.

Featuring modern materials and technologies, we design and develop bicycles with a focus on going fast.  Choose from our AR assorment if you want an aerodynamic package with flat-out speed.  If you are looking for something more well-rounded, we've got you with our FR platform. And, if you want a bike that excels across a wide range of distances and surfaces, the VR is your choice. Whatever your needs for road cycling, our bikes will help you reach your performance goals.

AR Aero Road

The AR is the bike for you if going fast is your thing. Whether you are in the hunt for PRs, segment leaderboards, or Olympic gold, the AR is built to get you to your finish line. Not just faster but better in every way, the AR is designed with performance its core purpose. We know that going fast isn't only about cheating the wind—though the AR doesn't disappoint on that front. It's also about keeping yourself fresher and more composed than the competition so check out the AR for the complete go-fast package.

FR Road Race

If you’re looking for the best-handling, fastest-climbing, smoothest-riding road racing bike in the world, you’ve found it. The FR represents one half of the ideal union between bike and rider. Free of excess, it was painstakingly and obsessively honed for the needs of the most committed road cyclists, in order to win battles of will, attrition, and tactics on any racecourse. Starting with a clean sheet of paper, our engineers designed the FR from the ground up, resulting in a pure road bike that boasts impeccable handling and a precision-tuned platform.

VR Endurance road

Road cycling has evolved. Riders all over the world are pushing themselves and their equipment further than ever before. They’re getting off the beaten path, exploring new roads, and spending more time in the saddle on solo excursions, group adventures, and epic gran fondos, all to satisfy their passion for the ride. These are the riders that inspired us to create the VR, the most versatile and capable road bike in our history.  From local group rides to some mixed-surface races and training, the VR gives you a better riding position for long-distance efforts and is designed to accommodate larger tires to get into some good trouble.