REVVING UP for Speed

We're driven to create bikes that ride faster, perform better, and leave our passionate riders in awe.

Our obsession with speed is evident in every aspect of our technological development. We conduct rigorous in-laboratory tests with cutting-edge computer software and state-of-the-art instrumented frames to fine-tune every detail for maximum performance. We hit the road with iterative samples to see how our bikes perform in real-world conditions, optimizing for speed, agility, and aerodynamics.

We know that every second counts in the pursuit of speed. That's why we're constantly innovating, exploring new technologies and materials to make our bikes even faster. We don't just talk about speed; we live it. Our wind-tunnel testing, frame iterations, CFD analysis, athlete input, and track testing are all focused on one goal: to create the world's most aero bikes.

At Felt Bicycles, we're fueled by the spirit of innovation and a relentless drive to go faster. Join us on the journey to break new records and push the limits of what's possible.

At Felt Bicycles, our focus is laser-sharp: SPEED. We eat, sleep, and breathe it.

Felt Racing Development

The FRD (Felt Racing Development) represents the pinnacle of our bike-building knowledge. It's the ultimate riding machine, designed to deliver your wildest cycling dreams. Lighter, stiffer, smoother - this bike is built for SPEED.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is a cutting-edge material used in making high-performance bicycles, wheels, and other cycling components. It‘s made from thin, strong fibers that are bonded together to create a material that‘s incredibly lightweight and strong. Think of it like a high-tech version of fabric, but instead of threads, it‘s made of carbon atoms!

We don‘t just talk about speed; we live it.


When you ride your bike into a headwind, you can feel the air hitting your face, pushing against you and making it harder to pedal. It‘s like pushing through a thick, resisting force that slows you down and requires more effort. And even on calm days, the air still creates a subtle resistance that you have to push through with every pedal stroke.

Other Technologies

At Felt, we don‘t settle for good enough. We push boundaries, break barriers, and revolutionize what‘s possible in the world of cycling. Our commitment to excellence drives us to create bikes that not only outperform the competition, but also inspire riders to achieve their best.