Find the assortment of Frequently asked Questions below. For additional information on past model year bicycles, you can visit our Archived Bike section. If you cannot find the information that you need on this page, please use our contact form.

To help connect you to your next Felt ride, we are working to show Dealer inventory directly on our website in select markets. This service will come into broader use as we more fully roll it out.  In the meantime, you can use our Dealer locator to connect with you closest Felt retailer who can update you on their specific availability. 

We’re always interested in discovering new riders who are as passionate about cycling as we are. You can send in any requests through our Contact Us page. Please note that we receive an overwhelming amount of sponsorship requests and, while we appreciate these and want to support everyone we can, we just aren't always able to do so. The best time to be considered for sponsorship if between the end of June and the end of September for the following season. If you don't hear back from us after submitting a request, please understand that we just cannot respond to everyone.  You can set your sights to reach out next year.

The decal kit that came on your bike is actually a water transfer sticker under the clear coat. We do not sell specific model replacement frame sticker kits. Certain third-party painters are skilled with creating the necessary logo/decals should you have your bike repainted elsewhere.  

Always follow the instructions provided by your rack’s manufacturer. If you have any questions about properly securing your rack to your vehicle or your bike to your rack, the rack manufacturer is your best resource. With our aluminum frame models, most racks on the market will allow you to transport your bicycle safely. With carbon fiber frames, we encourage our customers to use racks that clamp and secure the fork through the axle and/or hold the wheels in a tray. Carbon fiber does not respond well to point loads and anything that applies clamping pressure to carbon fiber tubes has the potential to damage the product. Our delaer network is skilled with bike accessories, including racks, and can certainly help you. See the dealer locator at the top of the page to check with your local Felt dealer.

Your local Felt dealer can help find the correct hanger for your bike. We will also continue to list our replacement parts on the website to provide a clear indication of the part that works best. 

Felt cannot officially recommend using any trainer to which a frame can be mounted, as intense pedaling efforts can cause side load on the seat stays and potentially cause breakage. If the frame breaks, then this would NOT be covered under warranty. Felt knows that many riders will use a trainer either to warm-up before a race, or to perform a workout in their own pain cave. Anytime a bicycle is ridden on a stationary trainer, it must be done correctly and the rider must be aware that their bicycle was not designed for such an activity. Newer, direct-mount trainers are certainly better for today's modern carbon frames but, every trainer is different, and countless factors can affect the forces being put onto your bicycle frame, including but not limited to how hard it will be ridden, how often, or even the weight of the rider. Trainers featuring side-to-side movement or mounted to a moveable platform are typically better equipped to handle such factors versus rigid/locked models. However, Felt engineers design bikes for the best possible riding experience on the road, and therefore do not compromise this real-world ride quality by making Felt bikes optimal for stationary trainers.  Please consult your trainer manufacturer to clear guidance in each case.

Felt offers a limited warranty on the frameset and certain proprietary parts.  We also make sure that we very selectively choose other components from the industry's top suppliers who warranty and service their own items. Together, we want to provide you with the best service and support for your Felt.  When purchasing a Felt, please ensure that your Dealer completes the bicycle registration process, which they can do through our Dealer B2B portal.

Felt does not switch out parts from the original specification. Felt’s product managers work very hard to make component choices that are optimized for performance and the stated use of the bike model platform. In some cases, a Felt dealer may be able to switch out a part depending on various factors open to their discretion. Contact your local Felt dealer for more information on custom parts selections.

Felt does not offer any repainting service directly. Because the painting process can have potential reactions with the materials of the frame or fork, any repainting of your frame or fork will void your warranty. If this is something that you still choose to do, make sure you take your frame to someone who has experience in painting bicycles. If you have a carbon fiber frame or fork, make sure you take your frame to someone who has experience painting carbon fiber bicycles as this process differs from painting aluminum frames. Please note that Felt cannot take responsibility for this as it is out of our control and doing so will void your warranty.

Felt does not have touch-up paint available. Some bikes older models did come with it but found that most of the time when it is needed, the paint would be dried up and not usable. We have found the best way is to visit your local hobby shop, which usually carries a wide variety of touch-up colors. One other option is to use nail polish, which is an enamel-based paint and comes in a rich variety of colors. If the frame has a matte finish, then the touch-up process gets a little trickier as we use a custom blend of matte clear coat that is difficult to match. 

We do not monitor the current marketplace for used bike prices. As such, we are unable to provide an accurate recommendation for the value of a used Felt bike. 

Please note that we do not keep price-lists for past model years and cannot help you determine the best price or value for a bike either.

Felt Bicycles does not offer a trade-in program for used bikes. However, some of our authorized independently run retailers do, so we recommend contacting them for more details. To find the authorized Felt dealer nearest to you, visit our dealer locator at the top of the site. 

We have had a long history supporting various programs for active and veteran military personnel.  At this time, we do not have any current programs but please continue to monitor for future developments. 

Here is a handy chart to help you source which thru-axle is compatible with your bike.

Please note, the website SKU for the pars is in the last column of the chart. You can order a replacement directly from our website if needed.

Visit your local Felt dealer to ensure proper size and bike fit.  For a starting guide, you can visit the sizing chart found in our site's footer.

If you need to get a new headset or you just want some headset information for your bikes, please check out our guide. 

Download our helpful headset compatibility chart.

Looking to get some information or specifications from older, previous model year Felt bikes? Please check our Archived Bikes section in the site footer for all previous model year bikes.

Many model year 2018 and newer Felt bikes come with a wheelset and/or tire specification that allows the user to run a tubeless set-up. Due to the nature of tubeless sealant (it can dry out and/or spill in transit) we do not deliver bikes as tubeless. They all come with tubes but many bike models include a tubeless-compatible/ready wheel, tire, and sometimes the tubeless valve needed to convert the wheels.

In order to convert your bike to tubeless you will need the following:

  1. Tubeless Tires. This will be indicated on the sidewall or can be looked up on the tire manufacturer's site to ensure compatibility.
  2. Tubeless Rim Tape. Essential to tubeless success, make sure this tape is set up properly on the wheels or your system will not seal.
  3. Tubeless Valves. Screw these onto the rim tightly. Some wheel brands provide their own Valves to fit their rims more securely.
  4. Tubeless Sealant. This is essential to the long term success of the tubeless set up. Follow any directions on the proper amount to use and installation process.

Any bike can go tubeless with the right after-market tubeless conversion or update to its wheelset. To discuss this further, please stop by your local authorized Felt Dealer.

If you are looking for information on older model year bikes, please visit our Archived Bikes section accessible from our website footer.

If you are looking for specific information on how to set-up or maintain your Felt bicycle, please visit our Manuals section of the website here. Please note that we provide our general manual as well as some product-specific ones that deal more with specific model set-up and configuration using proprietary Felt parts and assemblies.

NOTE: For anything related to the component parts of the bike that come from another brand, i.e. Shimano, SRAM, Reynolds etc, the particular brand support page (generally accessible through the brand's website) is the best place to go. We try to supply our bikes with parts that have a strong global distribution and service footprint to help service.

In recent years, Felt has focused more specifically on performance road and triathlon bikes we have decided to return to our core business.

While the E-bike line had many fans (and we made some fun AND fancy bikes) the market and consumer tastes had moved out of sync with Felt Bicycles on our offering. Our product portfolio continues to evolve, with a focus on offering speed and performance bikes for passionate riders; continue to follow our site for the latest product offerings.

In recent years, Felt has focused more specifically on performance road and triathlon bikes we have decided to return to our core business.

Our product portfolio continues to evolve so please continue to monitor our site and social media for any new product arrivals.

If you feel you have a valid warranty claim, please contact your nearest Authorized Felt Dealer to start the warranty process. Make sure to have your original, dated sales receipt for your bicycle or frameset and visit your local Felt dealer with your bike to ensure the best process.

Visit our dealer locator at the top of the site to find your closest Felt retail partner.

We appreciate your interest in our products and understand that you have a service need. Our customer service team is prepared to help you with your technical needs, product questions, and anything else that involves you and your Felt bicycle. In order to answer any question or need you have, please start by submitting a customer support ticket directly via the Contact link in our site's footer.

Felt Bicycles designs its bicycles in compliance with standards set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) which call for a minimum of 4-6mm of clearance on either side of the tire. Those standards are set, in part, for safety reasons. Felt Bicycles recognizes that some riders may still want even wider tires for certain uses resulting in less clearance on each side of the tire, but they do so at their own risk. Keep in mind each tire maker’s proclaimed widths may vary, even when marked the same size. And, keep in mind that rim width also affects tire width. More info

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