Who says crazy is a bad thing?

Triathlon racing is brutal. You sweat. You suffer.  The wind and heat racks your body.  The competition is relentless. And, you push yourself to the limit.  Sandwiched between a testing swim and a brutal run, the bike is where you'll make your move.  Your muscles scream as you push them harder than ever before. Your lungs ache and burn furiously. But all this can’t quench your fire. Triathlon racing ignites you and you want more.

This is what you were born to do. You fly past your competitors in a blur of speed, not even needing to glance back to know they’ll never catch you. You cross the finish line, seizing victory and smashing your personal best in front of a frothing crowd of racing fanatics. You revel in your exhaustion, your aches feeling like ecstasy , and feel the pride of going faster than you ever dreamed possible. If you want to blow records out the water, it’s not enough to be fast. 

You’ve got to be crazy fast.

Nutrition at Hand

The previous generation IA featured the revolutionary CALpac top tube-mounted storage system, and we’ve reimagined it for the IA 2.0. Now sporting 0.2 liters (6.75 ounces) of storage volume, it’s the perfect spot for a full day’s assortment of energy gels, nutrition bars, and other small items. Everything about the new system is built for speed, including a refined version of the easy-access slot along the top that allows you to quickly grab hold of the fuel you need in the moment, while also securing your remaining items and refuse. Flip-up connector bolts hold the top cover in place, making it a speedy process to fill the storage compartment pre-race.

Integrated Hydration

Nutrition is key to your race-day performance, but it’s nothing without proper hydration. That’s why the IA 2.0 includes the most versatile assortment of hydration solutions we’ve ever created. The all-new THIRSTpac hydration module sits below the CALpac storage compartment along the top tube, and can hold up to 0.9 liters (30 ounces) of water or your favorite race-day beverage. It also includes a quick-fill port, so you can top it off instantly at an aid station, and its unique cover design prevents any spilling or sloshing. Best of all, the THIRSTpac was designed in conjunction with the IA 2.0’s aerodynamic paradigm, which means that it’s perfectly integrated into the frame for all of the hydration function without any compromise to speed. Two tried-and true water bottle mounts are located inside the IA 2.0’s front triangle, giving you additional hydration storage options. And the IA 2.0’s Dagger Direct front-end can accommodate most aftermarket hydration systems, giving you the freedom to dial in your preferred setup.

Essential Storage

With the most advanced integration of any triathlon bike we’ve ever created, the IA 2.0 can be outfitted with all current tri drivetrain options. Electronic or mechanical, in 1x or 2x configurations, it’s all good. The IA 2.0’s unique front-end includes an integrated cover to securely conceal either a SRAM BlipBox control unit or a Shimano electronic junction. If you prefer a 2x drivetrain, then the IA 2.0 can accept up to a 42-tooth inner ring. If you’re a 1x fan, you can fit up to a 52-tooth chainring, and opt for a sleek and streamlined front derailleur plate to help maximize the most marginal of gains by forgoing a then unneeded front derailleur hanger.